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We have one life to run the best race set before us. Our potential to achieve is intended for us to first learn what our own best race is by understanding the key talents, strengths, motivation, passion, and creativity that live within us.  How we fuse all of these intangible attributes into becoming worthy outcomes we desire from this life is an art. When we infuse this potential and partner with others who care deeply about what matters, life becomes more meaningful and the outcomes are even more remarkable for everyone.

Whose race are we running?
Is it your race or mine or are we racing our own race, together? As leaders, when we deny ourselves the benefit of reflection becoming aware of our actions and the impact they have on others, if we’re not careful, we may find ourselves slipping into the trap of racing someone else’s race, the boss’s race, a competitor’s race, that’s the way we’ve always done it race and in the end we lose a real sense of our beings. Eventually our workplaces lose something unique too. Through reflection we find the freedom to show up as we truly are and no longer are reactionary to issues. The safe space of reflection that we extend to ourselves and others helps us to discern what is realistically within our control and what lies on the fringes.

The best races are when the best possible outcomes can be pursued and achieved. Discovering first what our own best race is with authenticity and ingenuity, then determining what the best race of others who choose to join us in the pursuit will become. When we acquire and retain the right people in our workplace, forming a group or a team aligned with each of our best races toward a shared purpose, everyone wins through generously giving our unique contributions the very best we have to offer. It is this pursuit of excellence we expand our possibilities of reaching the next level.

Joseph Riddick “Rick” Hendrick III, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Hendrick Motorsports knows precisely the power of running the best race, together. Born and raised on a small farm south of Richmond, VA near the border of North Carolina, Rick learned the value of family, hard work, sheer determination and developed a passion for automobiles.  His wise father, “Pappa Joe”, helped to nurture his passion. At the young age of 14, Rick entered the world of auto racing, winning titles with Chevy vehicles he had built himself. Rather than pursue a career playing professional baseball, he followed his other passion and eventually invested in his first Chevy franchise at the age of 26. His hard work, dedication and influence eventually set his dealership apart as a regional profit center. Rick’s early success set the course for his life, and many others that would join him in the race. Today, Mr. Hendrick owns more than 90 franchises and employs over 6,700 employees across 11 states.

Running deep in the life of this founder are distinct qualities of a leader that brings forth the best talent, passion, skills and innovation. Guided by uncompromising family values, Mr. Hendrick has proven that he can compete in an industry known for its competitiveness and a natural drive toward “me first”.  Mr. Hendrick’s passion for people and excellence has led to the premiere operations of Hendrick Motorsports; garnering a NASCAR record of 13 owner championships of 14 overall.

Hendrick Motorsports, a world-class environment and franchise is known for heralding NASCAR superstars like Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #88, Jeff Gordon #24, Jimmy Johnson #48 and Mark Martin #5. Mr. Hendrick’s vision and personal investment in helping each individual race car driver become a superstar has created a powerhouse where success is defined and attained only by helping other drivers succeed in the process. You don’t have to be a fan of NASCAR to appreciate the values, accountability, stewardship, and camaraderie found in this business enterprise. Each of the drivers while competitors with one another, ensure that on race day they’re on the track helping one another get to the front of the race. It’s clearly understood that if two of them get to the front, then they will compete honorably and race their best race. It is believed and lived among these race car drivers that when this condition exists, the real race has already been won because the checkered flag goes to the one who has earned it. Working together they race the best race and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Team is at the core of Hendrick Motorsports. When Jimmy Johnson was behind in points and found himself out of the running last year his pit crew chief Chad Knaus took action and proposed that Jimmy’s pit crew step up and help their fellow teammate Jeff Gordon and win the championship for the franchise. The team members adapted and focused on what really mattered for the organization. Commitment is at the center of Hendrick Motorsports.  Committing to “together” is better.

Fortunately, if you should find your workplace challenged with leaders working independently and at cross-purposes with one another, you can foster the needed change by collaborating and developing your RPMs.


Consider where your best race is right now.  Are you racing toward your highest goals, chasing a title, or someone else’s purpose? Are you running your best race, fulfilling your purpose? Does it need a tune-up or a new direction?


Are your vital partners, colleagues and alliances, running their best race? Have you defined who the key people are that are vital to your success in the next year or two? How are their best races similar or different from yours?

How might you collaborate better with those on a similar race track and potentially build breakthrough partnerships?

Move Forward

What are some of the best races that would align with your desired potential outcomes? How do these potential outcomes drive your internal motivation? How might you infuse these races together? What might that look like?

What can you do to propel your dreams, to get where you want to be? One life filled with many dreams. That’s all we’re given. What is it that you want to do? Are you doing it? What are the dreams of your workplace? Are they aligned? If not, what is holding you back from realizing your full potential? Outline the obstacles that are in the way and make the commitment to overcome them.

We’re grateful to receive your private messages and emails and gladly invite you to continue with your feedback. Let us know how we can help you race your best race. Together we can put the words to your workplace dreams, to your race, and outline the strategic initiatives to enable you and your leaders to run the race of your life.

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©2011 All rights reserved. Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS is the founder and president of The Infusion Group™.  A trusted partner in creating new possibilities in workplace culture design and talent management to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, and society.  How may we help you? For more information, please click here.

Infusing  a better, healthier future of work.










What’s Holding Your Organization’s People Network Together?

We all know that professional connections are critical to our success, but what exactly does an effective social network in your organization look like?

Have you ever wondered who are the people and groups that are holding your organization’s network together, and do so efficiently and effectively?  Could such a network enable your workforce to respond faster to meet business opportunities?

It’s no longer our father’s world of business. It is still further from being that of our grandfather’s. With all the advances in technology, Networkthat may be true. Yet one thing remains no matter how many generations pass. Connecting is, and was, how things are accomplished. Traditional organizational charts rarely show the way work really gets done.  It is about the power of networks, the people within and the vital relationships that are among them that speed learning, innovation, and organizational agility.

To remain vital, relevant and competitive leaders and professionals need to reach out to a broader, more diverse group of individuals. They need to find individuals with an increased learning agility and the potential to fully realize better performance results.  Have you found yourself asking the following questions in order to compete and win business going forward:

  • Is it time to review leading edge options?
  • Is it time to leverage the influence of a richly diverse and talented workforce?
  • Is it time to rethink your strategies and discover new opportunities to strengthen connections and knowledge?

Never before have strategic connections within an organization been more critical to your future success than now.  We can no longer dismiss the decades of research that have consistently indicated the critical value of linkages between professional and organizational networks and the sound execution, innovation, learning flow and career growth in the new workplace.

Vital Signs Collaboration Service™

The Infusion Group™ is delighted to offer forward leading companies and modern leaders the next generation of innovative people management. Discover the power of people in strengthening collaborative networks through a powerful and proven online technology platform where it matters most.

Gain critical insights that will provide you with a laser focus toward improving and enhancing high quality relationships, learning agility throughout your organization, connections, collaborations, and internal knowledge communities to maximize the benefits of your diverse workforce and organizational performance.

Networks are the New Companies

The Infusion Group’s Vital Signs Collaboration Service™ delivers the highest quality expertise and proven methodology to pinpoint strengths and action areas to build and sustain more effective networks throughout your division and organization. You have the power to effectively lead positive change at your fingertips. Will you choose to maximize the power of your people to take you farther than you could have possibly imagined?  Learn from the past, and invest in what matters most – your people.   How can you start building healthier workplace communities with the right connections, modeling and metrics? Email us – contact@theinfusiongroupllc.com

About The Infusion Group™

IFG creates new possibilities in workplace culture design and integrated talent management for leaders and organizations to have a meaningful impact on people, business, and society.  The Infusion Group™ brings together a portfolio of vital workplace services that span culture, people, and performance to achieve personalized business strategies for clients.  For more information, please email us at – contact@theinfusiongroupllc.com



Reshaping the Way We Work


The world has changed; how we create value in our organizations has changed. How we create enduring and sustainable workplace communities, especially among critical workforce segments is also changing.

With innovation accelerating across industry sectors, geographies and time zones; traditional levels of engagement are no longer keeping pace with the speed of business. Mobility and digital technology have expanded opportunities in emerging and developed markets, thereby increasing the level of global talent competitiveness and networks of people.

Today, surveys reveal that nearly half (47%) of global workers now work either remotely or in a form of flexible arrangement.  In fact, according to author Dan Pink, the number of part-time workers, “free agents” (self-employed) or temporary workers has skyrocketed with emerging technologies and adaptable marketing models such as Amazon and e-Bay.

This presents some unique challenges and opportunities as mobility becomes more immersed and leading technologies implemented, it requires the modern leader to re-imagine the employment relationship (or contract), the way work is shifting, and the overall experience that can be designed in a cross-cultural, cross-generational, inter-connected business environment.

Consider the fundamental ways in which the way we work in a social era is changing:

  • Work is more personalized.
  • Work is dependent on technology and accessibility to people, data and information through preferred devices and communication channels.
  • Work rewards sharing of trusted information efficiently.
  • Work respects the power of collective ideas.
  • Work respects influence and the values found in the social space over hierarchy.
  • Work often streams across an architecture of interconnected networks both internal and external to organizations.
  • Great work is often accomplished with supportive spaces (physical/virtual) and focused time.
  • Work aims to create a shared experience for co-creators (employees) and customers.
  • Work respects two-way dialogue and social learning.

These shifts highlight a more fundamental change than the way we work. At the core, it changes the very nature of how we do business.  From jobs and tasks which are organized and arranged into component specialties, dispersed widely, and managed across borders now lead to entirely new business models, organizational designs and collaborative communities that can result in game changing products and services.

This rapidly changing world of work now requires a new formula for how talent is identified (sourced), developed, trained, deployed/re-deployed, managed, inspired and rewarded.

As you ponder the ways in which the architecture of work is evolving in your workplace ask yourself, “Are there better ways in which work can be accomplished that can create a more valuable experience for co-creators (employees & customers) and provides a healthier return on investment?”

Imagine If….

  • You could more easily connect four “generations” of people in the workplace, with unprecedented diversity of backgrounds from around the globe, with potential clients through transparent cloud computing platforms.
  • There were better ways that you could readily tap into a bench of talent and enable the best ideas to rise for a specific piece of work or for a project’s duration without absorbing extensive workforce costs. For example, one of the fastest growing design companies, 99designs.com, enables access to crowd sourcing options with leading designers who can compliment your internal resources and strategic initiatives without having to go through a lengthy recruitment process.
  • Your co-creators (employees) could receive in “two clicks” (or feedback in real-time) what they typically receive in ten – or in a quarterly or semi-annual review cycle. Imagine how your workplace could become more adaptive to market demands and innovative in achieving remarkable results.
  • The traditional hierarchical management structure could evolve at a pace that was less taxing and stress-testing to people as you manage a connected workforce through handhelds and broad bands.

Be Courageous

It takes courage to transform a culture to a new way of doing business. However, as the world of work changes, we too must evolve and reduce the risk of our organizations from being disrupted – by thinkers, communities and other companies that are advancing business strategies whereby everyone’s energy can be released in ways that inspire boundary-testing to build (or adapt) more quickly.

There’s never been a greater time than now to take your leadership to another level and begin releasing your company’s greatest potential.

Question:  What steps are you taking to experiment in new ways of working?  Share your experience here.


©2012 All rights reserved.  Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS is the founder and president of The Infusion Group™.  A trusted partner in creating new possibilities in workplace culture design and talent management to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, and society.  How may we help you?    www.theinfusiongroupllc.com

Additional Reading:
5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013  - Forbes

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Maximize Your Multigenerations in the New World of Work

Rapid change, connectivity and the sheer velocity of business today is changing the future of work and how work gets done.  It’s demanding more from people, leaders and organizations in new and exciting ways. With five generations bringing distinct values, beliefs, experiences and expectations to the workplace, achieving sustainable business now requires a new people equation.

  • What are some of the workforce trends that are impacting the changing world of work?
  • Why does generational diversity matter?
  • What will leaders of tomorrow need to lead a multigenerational workforce into the future?

This presentation sets the tone for why multigenerational diversity is an imperative in the new world of work for short-term gains and long-term survival. With practical insights into several workforce trends impacting a dynamic business environment and a forward look at innovative next practices, participants will learn how to improve workplace performance and retention outcomes.

Bring Out the Best in Each of Your Generations @ Work!

We work together to custom tailor each speaking session that compliments your organizational values and objectives.  Sessions can be tailored for individual, groups and/or critical workforce segments on-site or virtual.

  • Available for all-hands employee meeting or in two-hour and half-day workshop formats.

Credit Hours:

Transforming the Passive-Aggressive Culture
This program has been approved for 1 (General) recertification credit hour toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.



“The use of this seal is not an endorsement by HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.”

How do I book a session for our workplace?

Contact us – contact@theinfusiongroupllc.com or at 877.628.3873.  Together, we’ll discuss your needs and review options that keeps your workplace moving forward.


Careers That Will Likely Come of Age in the Future

The traditional career ladder as many have known it, is gone. Forward-leading organizations are re-imagining roles for today and into the future.

In what ways do you think career opportunities will shift in the future? Sparks and Honey, a data-driven advertising newsroom offer their perspective in the following presentation:


As markets continue to evolve, are there other aspects regarding career opportunities and roles that will increase in importance?


We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share below.



©2013 All rights reserved.  Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS is the founder and president of The Infusion Group™.  A trusted partner in creating new possibilities in workplace culture design and talent management to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, and society.  How may we help you?    www.theinfusiongroupllc.com


Finding Comfort in the Cloud

Are your traditional financial systems inflexible and holding your organization back from pursuing opportunities in today’s evolving marketplace?

How can you begin to find freedom in cloud based financial management applications?

See the infographic below and learn how you can begin innovating a flexible financial management structure:

Is Your Financial System Killing Your Business?
Via Workday


©2013 All rights reserved.  Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS is the founder and president of The Infusion Group™.  A trusted partner in creating new possibilities in workplace culture design and talent management to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, and society.  How may we help you?    www.theinfusiongroupllc.com


The Infusion Group™ Sponsors Google + Hangout On-Air Event as Medical Improv Takes Center Stage

Successes team of doctors. I Can’t Believe This Is Medical Improv!

Are You Ready?

  • To contribute to positive change in health care?  
  • To explore strategies that enable collaboration to coordinate safe care, improve patient safety, and deliver better health care outcomes?

Come and Explore!

If you’d like to make a positive difference and increase your professional capabilities we invite you to tune in and experience the benefit of having health care pioneers, nurse navigators, physicians, medical students, theatre professionals, educators and other health care professionals come together for a unique virtual event

Tuesday, August, 13th  11:00 AM EST
[Virtual] Google + – Hangout On Air
Exploring Medical Improv:  
Learning Experiences that Promote Safe Care, Patient Satisfaction and Rewarding Careers

Tune in from your desktop or mobile device and catch this dynamic and informative program live with:

Featured Presenter

Beth Boynton, RN, MS
OD Consultant, Author, and Speaker
Inspring nurses and health care professionals for over 25 years, Beth is passionate about enhancing the quality and safety of patient care by helping health care professionals learn more effective communication and collaboration skills. Beth is trained in the Professor Watson Medical Improv Curriculum at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She offers a number of workshops designed to bridge health care development while improving patient satisfaction.  To learn more about Beth, please visit: www.confidentvoices.com



Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed., RN
Integrative Patient Advocate, Health Educator and Consultant
Passionate about providing positive patient experience through Integrated Healthcare.  She attended the first Medical Improv “Train the Trainer” Intensive, taught by Katie Watson, JD at Chicago’s Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, in June, 2013.
To learn more about Stephanie, please visit: www.stephaniefrederick.com


Mark Your Google Calendars!

Explore opportunities for current strategies, learn about upcoming applications, and participate in a lively Q&A with a distinguished panel. Explore some of the ‘out of the box’ learning experiences in healthcare that can provide the leading skills toward delivering safe patient-centered care.

Event Link:

Add your questions/comments using hashtag #medimprov08


Recommended Reading:

Confident Voices in Healthcare - a leading blog for nurses and health care professionals by Beth Boynton
What is Medical Improv - written by Stephanie Frederick, RN, M.Ed.
Improving teamwork in operating room can boost patient safety.American Red Cross


Event Sponsor:

The Infusion Group™
Infusing a healthier future work.



Inspire Healthy Lifestyles Among your Workforce with these 11 Apps

To view the original post by Scott Garber, view here.   Whether you run a small business or lead a large organization, personal productivity matters to today’s modern worker; especially in the area of well-being.

Flex™ Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband

These days, there’s an app for everything small-business related, from easing the pains of payroll to holding virtual meetings with contractors on the other side of the world. And there’s also an app for everything when it comes to personal productivity, helping people keep efficient to-do lists and staying on top of their family matters.

Yet as the work-life balance blurs more than ever — especially for an employee of a startup team — leaders are taking the pledge to not only lead their colleagues to success, but to protect them from burnout and bad health along the way. Luckily, there really are apps for that.

I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs the following question:

What’s one must-have web or mobile tool that’s helping you (or your team) stay fit and healthy?

Here are the 11 top wellness web tools and apps to equip your team with:

1. Go with FitBit

Our life-balance coordinator started a program allowing people to get FitBit apps paid by the company. Nearly 300 people are using them, and they’re part of the same online community, which allows everyone to see each other’s activity. The transparency and gamification aspects of it have led people to really step up the amount of activity they do on a daily basis.

2. Brain Trainer by Lumosity

Apart from staying fit and healthy physically, we enjoy and encourage a mental workout. We use Brain Trainer by Lumosity, a San Francisco-based development group. The tools Lumosity provide are effective in challenging our minds and clearing our thoughts. I often find myself turning to the Brain Trainer app in the office to clear my mind before starting a heavy work-related task.

3.  Unlock human potential with Lift

I’ve been using Lift — a mobile app by Obvious Corporation — for a few months and have been happy with the results. It allows you to set your own goals or join goals others have set and track your progress in a simple, fast process. There are some social features that allow users to give “Props” and check on friends’ goals, which makes it a great tool for teams to use too.

4. 5×5 Strong Lifts

My co-founder and I have been friends since grade school and have been competitive with each other at everything including our fitness. We take Friday afternoons to brainstorm and workout. It’s one of the best parts of our company culture. I’ve been using the 5×5 Strong Lifts Tracker app to come up with our workout routines.

5. Restaurant Nutrition

Restaurant Nutrition gives you the scoop on more than 115 restaurants and 19,000 menu items to decide whether a restaurant is a healthy place to eat. This is especially great while traveling, since you may not be familiar with the local restaurants.

6. Try MeetCody.com

I use MeetCody.com — it’s basically a Facebook for fitness. I get reminders from friends and from Cody to log workouts and track my fitness progress. My friends comment on my workouts, keeping me motivated.

7. Download RunKeeper

Despite all the competition, RunKeeper is still our favorite at Greatist HQ. We appreciate its top-notch tracking info and simple click-to-brag sharing. Plus, we like how easy it is to pull in the other tools we use, thanks to its Open Health Graph!

8. Take Tawkon seriously

Phone radiation is something I’m taking seriously from day one. Tawkon is an awesome app that reminds you to avoid speaking directly on the phone in order to cut down on radiation.

9. Scan with Fooducate

Fooducate is an easy app that allows you to scan a bar code and immediately be able to access information about the item’s nutritional content. It may scare you away from some of the things you normally eat!

10. Nike+ running app

The latest version of the Nike running app is awesome. You can get feedback and share through Facebook, map out your best routes, and compete on a friendly basis with your coworkers and contacts. If you have a group of people that likes to run, there is no better app to promote more exercise.

11. Mor.sl for healthy eating

Mor.sl is a very cool Washington, D.C. startup that provides fast and healthy recipes in a very cool format (think Pinterest for cooking). This web tool is beneficial for our team as first, helps us eat healthy, and second, cooking at home creates a bunch of cost savings, something every entrepreneur (workplace) craves!

What other apps are you enjoying to promote healthier lifestyles at work?

The Infusion Group™ LLC – a trusted partner in creating new possibilities in talent management and workplace culture design services to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, and society.  How may we help you?




Measurements That Matter

Stretching the boundaries has many leaders and high potentials feeling overworked and undervalued while to-do lists continue to expand. It’s a vital time to ask key questions that keep your actions on course toward improvement.

Maximizing measurements that matter in your work life will assist you in achieving your goals and avoiding reactions that derail your best intentions. You’ll know when the measurements are working when you see aspiring leaders keep adapting and trying for more progress.

Establishing critical measurements that matter help us build upon strengths, increase self-confidence, and explore new possibilities.  Measurements also provide us a mechanism to improve our resilience during those times when we take a risk but fall short of our objectives. They help minimize the disruptive thoughts our brains naturally steer us toward that can pull us off course.

How can leaders stay proactive and keep their time, energy, and impact from being wasted? What are the motivating measures that can be addressed day-to-day, bringing you closer to your goals and keeping your mind engaged? Here are some measures to consider:

  • Where did you save and/or lose time? How much?
  • How did you increase your level of energy and engagement? What actions might be necessary to improve and/or sustain it?
  • How were you able to refocus your time and/or energy toward your most meaningful and high-priority goals?
  • What motivated you to take more positive actions?
  • What conversations, with whom, were energizers? Why? Whom do you need to recognize?
  • How did you collaborate more effectively or support others in reaching their own targets?

Here are some ways to put those measures to work to keep you agile during a transition:

  • Define the transition ahead and decide what goals will mean the most to you.
  • Identify which of these goals are emotionally meaningful.
  • Take time each day to review your measures. Keep them fresh in your mind and let them serve as helpful reminders of the overall goal.
  • Each evening, assess what was effective, identify areas to improve upon, and let go of what didn’t work. Identify what you can do differently the very next day and put trying it on your to-do list.
  • At the end of the week, reflect on your overall progress and make the necessary adjustments. Find an accountability partner – a trusted friend, business partner, or colleague – to share your findings with.
  • Over the weekend, review your measures and ask whether they are still on target with your intentions or whether they need to be adapted to give you an accurate picture. Consider adding new measures that might be helpful.
  • Be willing to share encouragement and relevant insights with others to support outstanding progress and ask for feedback from others. This step will build respect and pride in the collective effort toward progress.

Staying focused on what’s meaningful and important now and on what’s next can help you avoid unnecessary struggling and generate experiences that display more of the best in yourself and your leadership capabilities.

Remain committed to measuring what matters, especially when excuses creep in over time and threaten to slow your movement forward.


For reprint permissions, please write to: contact@theinfusiongroupllc.com

©2011  All rights reserved. Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS is the President of The Infusion Group ™ LLC,  a workplace culture design firm, specializing in the future of work – based in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area.  For more information, go to www.theinfusiongroupllc.com and discover how to move your ideas and potential forward.



Energizing Meetings: The Importance of Face-to-Face [Infographic]

Social media…it’s everywhere. As it continues to integrate into many aspects of our work and personal lives, face-t0-face meetings are still the place where energizing business happens.

What role does leading, innovative technology play in bringing today’s on-line world closer together to “real-life” events in this guest post by Bizzabo. To view the original article written by Oz Nathan, click here.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks have revolutionized the way we interact with one another, deconstructed physical barriers and flattened our world. At the same time, smartphones with location based services have taken over; analysts project that by 2015 more people will access the internet from their mobile than from a PC.  At  first glance, these two phenomena seem to contradict each other. If we’re spending more of our time living in a virtual world, why are we investing so heavily in technology intended to improve our “real lives”?

The answer is to bring these two worlds together and make them compliment each other. We can only benefit from using knowledge we gather in the virtual world in our real lives, and vice versa. Meeting people face to face has irreplaceable advantages, as does the speedy and limitless virtual web.

That’s why the event industry is far from dead – over 1.8 million meetings with 205 million attendees were held in 2011, accounting for $263 billion in direct spending. However,we do need to start thinking about how we incorporate technology into our “real-life” events in order to provide attendees with better experiences.

We analyzed our data from thousands of events and tens of thousands of business interactions, combined it with other publicly available data, and created an infographic that provides an in-depth look at why face to face meetings are so vital, even and in many ways because of today’s online world.

Leaders, how might you strengthen trust at your next meeting, conference and/or event in 2013?
About Bizzabo helping professionals discover new business opportunities at conferences and events, while enabling event organizers to promote their event and engage directly with their attendees. By delivering up-to-date event info and networking opportunities, Bizzabo helps making the most out of every event.

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